Aegis Counseling PLLC
Helping highly motivated people ages 13 and older make positive changes

What to Expect

Getting Started

To Set an Appointment

In order to set up an appointment, you will speak with Aegis Counseling’s Office Administrator, Stephanie. Stephanie works remotely for the agency, and she might call you from a Florida phone number with a 386 area code. She will ask you for your name and contact information, health insurance information if you wish to use it, and answer any questions you might have. She will work with you to set up an appointment time which works with your schedule. She will then email you a link to your client portal through which you will complete your initial paperwork electronically.

Coming to the Office

On the day of your appointment you will come to our offices at 2141 Office Park Drive. A map is available on the About page. You may park in the parking lot in front of the entrance or at the end of the building. Because the door with the Aegis Counseling sign opens directly into one of the offices, please enter through the door in the middle of the building marked Lobby. You may wait in this area until your counselor comes out to greet you. There is a water fountain in the Lobby area, and the restrooms are down the hall to the left.

Your counselor will come to the lobby and introduce herself or himself to you. He or she will guide you to one of the offices. You are always free to leave the office if you feel uncomfortable or need to go to the restroom. Drinks and light snacks are often available.

You will discuss the reasons you want to attend counseling, what your life is like for you, and information about your history. Your counselor will also ask questions which will help him or her determine if you are having any other symptoms besides what you have already discussed. You and your counselor will also discuss what you would like to achieve by coming to counseling and how often you should come to counseling. Typically, a counselor will want to see you weekly for the first few sessions, and then you and the therapist can discuss if this needs to change. Typical sessions last 50 minutes. At the end of the session you will work with the counselor to set up a time for your next appointment.

Making Changes

If for any reason you need to cancel or reschedule your session, you can call Stephanie at (325) 223-2347. Feel free to leave a message if she is on another line. She will call you back promptly.