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What is ABA?

Please enjoy this week’s guest blog post on Applied Behavior Analysis.

Hello Everyone, My name is Jessica Flores, M.S. BCBA/LBA with Integrated Behavior Solutions Inc. We are an Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) company. What is ABA? It is a Therapy based on the science of behavior and learning. ABA focuses on improving specific behaviors, such as social skills, communication, academics, and functioning living skills. In other words, we focuses on helping others (usually people with autism, but not limited to this population) being able to express themselves for others to understand them, and live as independent as possible in our community. Why ABA? it provides an individualize approach for every unique child and family. Our behavioral assessment and treatment reflect this approach, and will focus on the shaping of the functional skills to promote independence and improved socialization.

Integrated Behavior Solutions Inc. Mission is "We are a family-based practice, who works with the families instead of apart from them.  We believe that true generalization of behavior change is dependent on the training and involvement of the family structure, so we have an intentional focus on spending time with our families and being part of their team. Because of that, we offer therapy in the home, community, and/or clinical settings." 


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