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When Things Aren't Great After Having a Baby: Postpartum Depression

Approximately 15% of new mothers experience postpartum depression. Despite its name, this type of depression can come out in very different ways than major depression. The articles and videos below discuss what it is like to live with this disorder. If you or someone you know is experiencing any of these symptoms, it is important to reach out for help. A counselor, OB/GYN, family doctor, or emergency room can all help. If suicidal thoughts are occurring, call 911 right away.

Let’s Talk About Posptartum Depression

Lisa Abramson talks about her own experiences with postpartum depression in this Ted Talk video.

What If It Isn’t the ‘Time of Your Life’?

This Ted Talk by Lindsay Robinson describes her experience with depression after the birth of her children.

This Photo Shows What It’s Like to Live with Postpartum Depression

What It’s Like When Postpartum Depression Takes Your Mind Hostage

This article by Tiffany Herman is a powerful depiction of postpartum depression. “Postpartum depression feels like a part of your brain went rogue and betrayed you by holding the rest of your brain hostage, for no particular reason. “

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