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Dream Book Seminar

Aegis Counseling PLLC is proud to present the DARE to Dream Seminar with special guest speaker Jerre Ader, Best Selling Author, Life Coach, and Licensed Professional Counselor. This is what Jerre has to say about the personal power that comes to your life from creating a dream book: 

"When I was a young mother with 4 children under the age of 6 I had dreams of how my life might be. I set about making a dream book that depicted in pictures dreams and goals I had for my life.

When we moved from Colorado to Texas I found the dream book when unpacking boxes. Sitting on my bedroom floor amid boxes and books I looked through my dream book and to my amazement all the dreams I had put in my dream book had come true! What was interesting was that they didn’t necessarily come true in the way I thought they might.

I love doing this activity and proceeded to start a second dream book for this new time in my life. My two youngest children were starting high school and I was at such a different place than when I made my first dream book. Well needless to say all of the dreams in my second book came true as well.

Now I am retired and embarking on my generative years and cutting out pictures to align with my values and my dreams for this new phase of life.

I would love to share this activity with you and guide you in making a dream book of how you want your life to be."

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Barbara Coleman